Sustainable support for the entrepreneurs of the sectors of the future


AUBE Management is an independent investment company specialized in different sectors:

  • sustainable development
  • energy
  • new technologies

Our added value is management support in order to grow the business and act as a useful and efficient partner.

Our assets
Our values

A team of entrepreneurs

AUBE Management is an independent French company, controlled by a team of entrepreneurs. The strong entrepreneurial sensibility and culture of growth of AUBE Management allow full understanding and bring support to SMEs in their stages of growth in France and abroad.


AUBE Management is an independent venture capital company controlled by its associates. This organization promotes a full involvement of officials of AUBE Management and quick decision-making process: all investments decisions are made exclusively by the partners of AUBE Management.

Professionalism & transparency

AUBE Management’s reputation is based on rigor, professionalism and transparency. AUBE Management is driven by an ambition at the service of entrepreneurs that it is proud to support, in a spirit of partnership and development assistance.

Sustainable support for
the entrepreneurs of the sectors of the future


Nicolas Aubé

Founder & CEO

A graduate of the Polytechnique and Ponts-Chaussées schools, Nicolas Aubé discovered the world of telecoms during his first professional experiences in strategy. Convinced to witness a new industrial revolution with the emergence of very high-speed broadband, he decided to create CELESTE in 2001, an Internet service provider dedicated to businesses. It is thanks to the strategic choice of open-source that CELESTE has been able to position itself from its inception on high-end and innovative offerings. Today, Nicolas Aubé is betting on the network to meet the challenges of new technologies. He has committed CELESTE to a broad infrastructure investment program with the deployment of his own fiber optic network and, above all, the design and operation of the world's first eco-friendly and high-density data center.

Jean-Yves Aubé

Investment Director

Nathalie Batista

Executive Assistant

Investment Strategy

BE Management acquires minority stakes in unlisted SMEs with the aim of accelerating their growth as part of a long-term value creation strategy.

The companies in which we invest have the following characteristics:

  • Team of entrepreneurs involved in the business
  • Economic model for sustainable growth
  • First true commercial success

Our investment horizon is 5 years.

Current investments

Fiber-optic provider for businesses.

QUOS designs and manufactures innovative urban systems for citizens, Governments and industries.

URBAN CANOPEE proposes solutions to combat climate change through the development of plant canopy over the city.

Anti-drone Technology
Sensitive sites and events protection against malevolent drones

Smart marina solutions for a connected boating experience


Catering service for companies
100% homemade and eco-responsible


The French touch of tactile engineering


Automated solutions for a faster recovery


Product Visual Creation platform disrupting e-commerce product visual market


AUBE Management
20 rue Albert Einstein, 77420 Champs-sur-Marne
+33 1 70 17 60 23

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